What is the

International Slumber Party (ISP)? 

ISP is a 2D virtual experience where more than 10,000 young women of color come together to celebrate their brilliance and personal purpose.


Inspired by the nostalgia of a sleepover, the ISP empowers, engages and inspires what we call “Sister Diamonds”— a diverse mix of student leaders, recent grads, aspiring entrepreneurs, and early careerists— all of whom are on a mission to change the world. 


At the International Slumber Party, we shine a bright light on the specific issues, interests, and matters of the heart of young women of color that often go overlooked or pushed to the side. The International Slumber Party endeavors to elevate their voices and promote positive conversations that change the narrative of women of color.


10,000 Women of Color

July 31 - August 1, 2021

Global Reach

What Do ISP Ambassadors Do?

  • Represent the Brand in a Positive Light.

    As an ISP Ambassador, you are a representation of the brand and what it stands for! We expect all of our ambassadors to represent the brand in a positive way. 

  • Raise Brand Awareness 

    Our ambassadors are expected to make anyone who is willing to listen, aware of the ISP brand and this international event!

  • Provide Guests with a Memorable Experience

    With your help, we will produce the best experience possible and make sure that our participants and members are satisfied with our products, events and services.

Important ISP Ambassador Characteristics 

To be considered for ambassadorship, you must have...

  • An Appreciation for ISP

  • A Willingness to Learn

  • A Passion for the Empowerment of Women of Color

  • Professionalism

  • Trustworthiness

Ambassador Responsibilities

ISP Ambassadors will have some awesome recognition and responsibilities. Here are some of the responsibilities that ambassadors must complete...

  • Coordinate Takeovers

  • Create Video Testimonials

  • Share Original Content Sample Products

  • Spark Word-Of-Mouth

  • Invite Friends to ISP

  • Promote the ISP Event

ISP Ambassador Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of being an ISP Ambassador!

  • Product Discounts

  • Promotional Items

  • Exclusive ISP Event Sneak Peeks 

  • In-Store Credit

  • Mentorship

  • Recognition on ISP Platforms

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